Subscribe To The Masked Singer’s Latest Eliminated Contestant Was Suffering From A Painful Condition Updates

Performing on The Masked Singer can be a challenge , and not just because these celebrities are singing on stage and trying to keep their identities a secret from the judges. One recently eliminated contestant revealed she was going through some struggles of her own beyond concealing her identity, and CinemaBlend learned from Ricki Lake […]

Medical illustration of sitting person showing sciatica, torn hamstring, back pain, and more

by Vali Lancea by Vali Lancea by buzzart by buzzart by Alion Shlapak by buzzart by buzzart Runner-up design by M&m’s by Pell’s Runner-up design by M&m’s Runner-up design by M&m’s Runner-up design by M&m’s Buzz is an amazing artist and incredibly easy to work with! We are beyond pleased with the results and final […]

Top Acupuncture Now Treating Patients with Lower Back Pain at its Houston Clinic

According to research, back pain is one of the most common health complaints among adults in the United States, and thanks to Top Acupuncture , people are now able to receive back pain treatment at its Houston clinic. Back pain can be caused by strained muscles or ligaments, excess weight, poor posture, psychological problems, or […]

The Simple Shoe Hack That Can Help Alleviate Lower Back Pain

CREDIT: Shutterstock Have lower back pain? To help alleviate this condition, consider adding an over-the-counter insole to your shoes. According to, developed by a multi-specialty group of medical professionals as a resource for understanding, preventing and seeking appropriate treatment for back and neck pain and related conditions, mechanical problems in the feet can negatively […]

Biologic Drugs as Analgesics for the Management of Low Back Pain and Sciatica

A narrative literature review of studies investigating the use of biologic agents for the management of low back pain and sciatica was conducted. We searched MEDLINE and EMBASE for English language publications. A hand-search of reference lists of relevant studies was also performed. Although some observational studies showed that inhibition of TNF-α reduced pain and […]

Short-term Efficiency and Tolerance of Ketoprofen and Methylprednisolone in Acute Sciatica: A Randomized Trial

Although anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used in acute discogenic sciatica, data regarding their efficacy are scarce and controversial. We compared the efficacy and safety of intravenous ketoprofen and methylprednisolone with placebo in sciatica. Besides standard-of-care analgesic therapy, they received intravenous injections of methylprednisolone (60 mg/d) or ketoprofen (200 mg/d) or placebo for five days. The […]

FDA Clears SpinalCyte IND Application for Universal Donor Cell Therapy to Treat Lower Back Pain

HOUSTON–( BUSINESS WIRE )–SpinalCyte, LLC, a Texas-based regenerative medicine company focused on regrowth of the spinal disc nucleus using its universal donor product, CybroCell™, today announced the FDA has cleared its Investigational New Drug (IND) protocol for human trials in the U.S., considered to be the first IND approval for a fibroblast cell therapy in […]