Living With HIV

Abdominal Slings Having a child can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences in the world. So if you were to really think long and hard about all the things that make you happy how would you start your list and how would you decide the order of things? I believe free association […]

Appreciating The Simple Things In Life Is What Makes Our Lives More Meaningful

Stem Cell Treatment For Spinal Cord Injuries Apart from the devastating effects on the physical person that spinal cord injuries can have, the economic impact of spinal cord injuries can play a large role in recovery and quality of life following these types of injury. Recurrent varicose veins are more prevalent after great saphenous ligation […]


Chiropractic And Infertility Pregnancy can be a great time of joy, excitement, and anticipation of a new arrival. The feelings of a young often depend on how much support received by the baby’s father, his family (and family of the baby’s father) and his friends. The situation of each youth is different. Depending on your […]

These are the 20 most painful health conditions according to the NHS

These are the 20 health conditions that are considered to be so painful by the NHS that they can stop a person from performing their daily tasks. Ranging from life-threatening conditions to chronic ailments, these health problems are widely experienced among the people of North East Lincolnshire, and everyone will know someone who suffers from […]

WVU leading nation with potentially ‘game changing’ opioid addiction, Alzheimer’s research

MORGANTOWN — For the second time in less than a month, the specialized medical research happening at West Virginia University’s Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute could have a worldwide impact. In November approximately eight medical investigators conducted the nation’s first phase III clinical trial using a tiny, pill-like micropellet made of a non-addictive, non-steroid medication, placed in […]