WVU first site to launch clinical trial using non-opioid implant for chronic pain

Video MORGANTOWN, WVa. – West Virginia University is the first site to launch a clinical trial utilizing a non-opioid to treat chronic pain. As part of its commitment to battling the opioid addiction, the first patient has been enrolled in a phase III clinical trial that will test the effectiveness of an injectable micro-pellet to […]

Orthopaedic Surgery Associates

Dr. Daniel Baluch Diagnoses And Treats Painful Spinal Conditions If you have a painful spinal condition, you need a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of the problem. “Getting the right diagnosis is critical,” says Daniel A. Baluch, M.D., who specializes in treating spinal conditions at Orthopaedic Surgery Associates in Boca Raton. “You can’t simply […]

“ Who Else Is Suffering With Back Pain Or Sciatica, Fed Up With Taking Painkillers And Wants To Return To Living Life To The Full Again…? ”

By Orson Wajih orsonwajih-physiotherapy.com To the person suffering with back pain or sciatica (or if you know someone who is). • Are back pain or sciatica, disturbed sleep or pain killers leaving you tired and unable to keep active and enjoy family and social events? • Are you concerned you’ll lose your fitness and health […]

Independent source injects caution into a HeathDay story on ‘nerve zap’ for back pain

Our Review Summary This story describes research results presented at a radiology meeting that compared treating patients with lower back pain from disk herniation with either a pulsed radiofrequency (pRF) probe or multiple steroid injections. We also reviewed a news release about this research. Among the story’s strengths: It alerts readers that the study — […]

​​International Spine Institute’s Dr. Marco Rodriguez Using Stem Cell Therapy Instead of Spinal Surgery to Relieve Chronic Low Back Pain

Non-Surgical Knee Relief If you have stiff knees, read this immediately. Arthrozene.com OPEN Ad closed by Report this ad Why this ad? Seen this ad multiple times Not interested in this ad Ad was inappropriate Ad covered content We’ll try not to show that ad again Ad closed by The spine fusion alternative is less […]

No Stethoscope for Pain: Scientists Seek Real Way to Measure

Clinical Research Assistant Kevin Jackson uses AlgometRx Platform Technology on Sarah Taylor’s eyes to measure her degree of pain at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, Monday, Dec. 10, 2018. Children’s National Medical Center is testing an experimental device that aims to measure pain according to how pupils react to certain stimuli. (AP Photo/Manuel […]