Lower Back Pain Exercises

Back Exercises For Lower Back Pain Lower back exercises may help if you have acute pain in the lower back, whatever the cause. 2) Practice camel stretch exercise This camel stretch is one of the most effective stretching exercises that can reduce your back pain in few days with regular practice. This exercise starts with […]

Bulging Disc Back Pain

Burning Pain In Lower Back (Right Or Left Side) Back pain can come in many forms and affect individuals in different ways. The third way that herniated disc back pain may be explained is from chemical radiculitis. This is when the proteins from the interior of the disc bleed out of the damaged disc structure […]

Best Lower Back Brace

Back Supports Although back supports are designed to alleviate pain and prevent or heal back injuries, there are both pros and cons to all medical treatments and devices. Consider a lumbar support brace that targets the area of your back, spine and the degree of support required for relief. For instance, clavicle straps work best […]