Total Health Chiropractic helps patients win the fight against Degenerative Disc Disease

When it comes to chronic back pain caused by conditions like Degenerative Disc Disease, age doesn’t matter. Accidents happen and they are just one of the ways the strength of your spine can start to slip into something more serious.

There is a way to seek help! Dr. Miller and his team at Total Health Chiropractic helps patients terminate this condition and many more with their DRX program.

Degenerative Disc Disease can result in the following: Herniated & Bulging Discs

Spinal Stenosis


Pinched Nerves

Shooting Pain in Arms/Legs

Failed Neck or Back Surgery

Trevor, a former patient at Total Health, talks about how DRX treatments changed his life for the better.

Want to get rid of the pain and start living life to the fullest again? Total Health is offering a new patient special, a $49 Consultation & Examination with Dr. Miller. Plus, the first three callers will get a free set of x-rays.

To take advantage of this deal, call (616) 828-0861.

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