Non-surgical solutions for herniated disc and sciatica

Low back pain can be a crippling experience. You might not be able to play golf, work, or even sit in the car for a 30-minute drive.

And you may not be able to remember the last time you even had a restful night’s sleep.

Life cannot be enjoyed to its fullest if you are suffering with low back pain or sciatica …that just will not go away.

Fortunately, if you are suffering from any of these problems…

• Sciatica

• Lower back pain

• Spinal stenosis

• Degenerative disc disease

• Herniated or bulging discs

• Facet syndrome

• Failed back surgery

…your pain may be relieved or eliminated by non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

Far too many medical doctors believe your options are limited to bed rest, pain pills, exercises, steroid injections, and surgery.

There may be a non-surgical solution to your sciatica and low back pain.

If you’ve heard about spinal decompression therapy, or always

wanted to check it out and see how it might help your condition, now is a good time.

Spinal decompression therapy can create decreased pressure within the disc that can allow the disc material to be pulled back into its normal position…and bring in a fresh nutrient supply to promote healing.

What this means for you is that in just a matter of days or weeks, you could be back on the golf course, enjoying your love life, or traveling again.

For a limited time, Centerville Spinal Care is providing a free evaluation to see if patients would benefit from spinal decompression therapy.

Evaluation includes:

1. An in-depth consultation to listen to patient concerns.

2. A complete neuromuscular examination.

3. A report of findings that includes a treatment plan that will hopefully make you pain-free.

Patients will see everything first hand and find out if this treatment might be their disc/sciatica solution. Recommendations will include no dangerous drugs and no surgical procedures.

Spinal decompression treatments are very gentle and are almost always painless. In fact, patients have been known to sleep during treatments.

Bottom line…if your pain has not gone away by now, it’s not likely to go away on its own. Life is too short to live in pain.

A study in the British Medical Journal found that 75 percent of back pain sufferers – who do not seek treatment – will have either pain or disability 12 months later.

Dr. Jerry E. Park, PhD, D.C. at Centerville Spinal Care is a Certified Practitioner of Spinal Decompression Therapy. The office is located at 224 S. Main St., Centerville, Utah, Phone: (801) 298-1285.

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