Japanese Acupuncture For Lower Back Pain

> 1. Presented by Alan Jansson of Acupuncture Gold CoastMiami, Queensland, Australia – http://acupuncture-goldcoast.com

2. Alan JanssonInternationally recognized teacherand practitioner of traditionalJapanese acupuncture30+ years clinical practiceAustralian representative JapaneseMeridian Therapy AssociationFellow Australian Acupunctureand Chinese Medicine Association

3. • Lower back pain and its various levels of intensity – from a constant ache to excruciating pain – is a very common condition seen in our acupuncture clinic.• During my 30+ years as an acupuncture practitioner I’ve found Japanese acupuncture to be extremely effective in the treatment of lower back pain.• Initially, acupuncture brings pain relief and comfort to the patient.• In the long term, traditional Japanese acupuncture addresses the fundamental imbalances that contribute to this debilitating condition.• Japanese acupuncture techniques are very gentle. We use a heating substance called “moxibustion”, to which patients respond in a very positive way.

4. Japanese acupuncture is lower back pain designed for treating

5. “To prevent your situation from deteriorating into asevere, debilitating condition, it is important to treatyou as soon as possible after the pain has started.” -Alan Jansson

6. For more information:http://acupuncture-goldcoast.comAustralian Center for Natural Medicine 2184 Gold Coast Hwy Miami, Queensland 4220 Ph: 07 5575 5300


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