How it started

How it started

Jay Cheng

May 31

Jo and I were pretty tired of being super stressed and always dealing with our sciatica. Winter days are the worst… I wake up most winter mornings with a throbbing stiffness in my right hamstring and kick off the obvious rounds. Check the merchant account, bank account, PayPal, analytics platforms, “check, check, ugh.., hrm… okay, ugh, check, FINALLY!!” are the sequence of reactions.

Then onto check-ins. Let’s get the team dialed before they even show up. I know they’ll see this on the drive in (even though they should be checking phones while driving). About 30 slack messages later, rushing through emails. Swipe, archive, delete, reply — one-liner, reply — start draft — exit draft (that’ll be there for later), sigh, one more, okay done. Yahoo sports — warriors still looking good.. get out of bed and stretch. Really really annoying how stiff the hamstrings are. Lower back aching. Pain in upper right butt. (Have to hoist the baby up and bring him down stairs for breakfast.) I shout — “GUYS!!! Downstairs for breakfast now. We have to leave in 20 minutes!!”

Sound familiar??? If so, then sooner or later you have to ask yourself… Everyone but me knew that I could (not always but often) be a bad partner, parent, friend, relative, and human being.

And about 2 years ago, a friend introduced me to CBD — gave me a soft gel cap to take that worked marvelously to quell that nervous energy that comes from too little sleep, too much coffee, and too much shit to worry about. Surprisingly, I ran the most productive 10am team meeting I’ve ever had. It was then that I realized how awesome CBD was. Yet I still had concerns about the stigma of cannabis, marijuana, lazy afternoons laughing at bad cartoons. Most products I encountered had some trace levels of THC — which I got over. Still, I wished to take a product with absolutely NO THC in it — and the jury was out whether 0.3% mattered.

It wasn’t until mid 2018 were we introduced to manufacturing processes that could remove practically ALL THC from certain premium hemp crops. A good friend’s brother had actually started working for a processing center as an engineer and let us know that he was working on an emulsion technique that would remove any detectable THC from CBD distillate. We started working together to produce samples that would go to clinic testing. And, the rest is history…

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