Google Drops Four New ‘Home Alone’ Shorts With Macaulay Culkin

Google was awarded the best advertising of Christmas 2018 award by the Internet this month when it dropped a new ad for its Google Assistant software featuring Macaulay Culkin reprising his role from the Home Alone films as Kevin McCallister.

The clip, part of Google’s “Home Alone Again” ad campaign saw Culkin as adult Kevin use his Google Assistant to recreate scenes from Home Alone, though this time with the assistance of modern technology. In addition to the first video, Google has released behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the ad, along with four additional shorts featuring adult Kevin living his best life with Google’s technology.

Scroll through to see the rest of the funny shorts.

The first short finds adult Kevin in the bathroom as he stands at the mirror and prepares to use some aftershave, though this time, he finds that he’s run out. Rather than panic, he simply says, “Hey Google — add aftershave to my shopping list.” It seems adult Kevin enjoys jumping on the bed just as much as his younger self did, though he runs into a very adult problem during this go-round.

“Hey Google, what’s a sciatica?” he asks as he clutches his lower back. After Google answers, Kevin thinks better of the jumping as he gets off the bed and asks Google to call his doctor. In Home Alone , Kevin didn’t get to enjoy his mac and cheese, but adult Kevin does make it to dinner, though he isn’t exactly impressed and asks Google for some “good” macaroni and cheese recipes. When a pizza delivery arrives, Kevin uses his Google Home Hub to speak to the driver from the comfort of his chair after ordering and paying online with the technology. After instructing the driver via television to “keep the change, ya filthy animal,” he happily returns to his massive bowl of ice cream. The behind-the-scenes clip features a classic blooper reel, with Culkin flubbbing a few of his lines and experiencing a few prop mishaps before the actor sits down to reflect on reprising his iconic role.

“It was interesting going back and doing a lot of this stuff,” he said. “They did a very good job on the set decoration, the props. All the shots were really spot on — I’m hoping that people are really gonna dig it.” Photo Credit: Google

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