Four New ‘Home Alone Again’ Shorts Bring Back Macaulay Culkin as Adult Kevin McCallister

In the weeks leading up to the biggest day in television advertising with the NFL’s Super Bowl 53, Google is certainly a frontrunner for some of the best advertising of the season. Earlier this week , the biggest company in tech officially kicked off their “Home Alone Again” campaign.

Pushing their Google Assistant software and growing line of smart speakers, Google launched the campaign with a sixty-second ad earlier in the week along with a behind-the-scenes video of how everything came together, which you can see above.

The ads use Macaulay Culkin to recreate various scenes from the Christmas classic Home Alone , the Chris Columbus-directed hit that came out in 1990. Culkin’s take on an adult version of Kevin McCallister provides just the right amount of nostalgia that will leave you chuckling this holiday season.

For those looking to get in the mood, Home Alone is available for purchase on most digital platform providers. If you’re an Amazon Prime customer the film — and its sequel Home Alone 2 — are included with the STARZ add-on package.

Now, the tech conglomerate has expanded on their campaign by pushing four separate ads out with extended footage from the larger minute-long ad previously used. Keep scrolling to see all four ads! The first ad recreates the iconic scene where Kevin slaps on some aftershave. Instead of screaming in agony, Culkin’s character has run out of the product and uses his Google smart speaker to place an order for more. Right when Kevin finds out his “wish” apparently came true, he decides to jump on a bed since nobody’s around to yell at him. In this new “Home Alone Again” spot, Culkin instead crumbles in pain as his aging body has started suffering from sciatica pain. Growing old stinks, that’s for sure. In this “Home Alone Again” spot, Culkin sits down for dinner to eat a plate of macaroni and cheese. While his character didn’t get to take a bite in Home Alone because the clock struck midnight and he needed to start his plan, Culkin finally takes a bite in the spot. Needless to say, Culkin’s not impressed and asks his Google Assistant for restaurant information. In the last ad, an adult Kevin places an order for pizza straight through his Google Home Hub and is able to pay online, definitely a change from payment options in 1990 when Home Alone first premiered. We even get another glimpse of the iconic “keep the change, ya filthy animal” line.

Speaking of which, the movie which contains this line — Angels With Filthy Souls — is a gangster film that only exists within the Home Alone universe. Whenever we catch Kevin watch scenes of the flick in Home Alone and Home Alone 2, we’re actually watching parody footage filmed solely for the movie.

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