Doc Talk | Best way to treat sciatic nerve pain

You may have experienced sciatic nerve pain, or sciatica, but the actual cause continues to be an unknown.

Physical therapy has been found to be the best way to treat it along with a specific method.

"We are continuing to see an incline of people with back pain and back related leg pain," said Jason Dudzic, a physical therapist for Geisinger Holy Spirit.

This condition is commonly referred to as Sciatica. Research suggests that it most commonly stems from a spinal disk. In most cases it is a temporary condition, but not always.

"When it becomes persistent is when we start looking at other causes of that pain," Dudzic said.

Going back to what is believed to be the place of where the pain may have begun.

"In most cases it’s the disk or the area where the nerve exits the spine," Dudzic said.

But without a true known of what triggers such pain. Jason focuses on treatment through Physical Therapy.

"We’ll look at what produces the pain and what relieves the pain and that’s known as the directional preference," Dudzic said.

Which means reducing symptoms through a specific movement. 76% of people have a directional preference.

"Of those 76%, 92% will get better if they keep moving in that directional preference," Dudzic said.

For those who have sciatica or experience sciatic nerve pain you may want to practice stress relief. Over the last two years research suggest your mental health could be a trigger back related leg pain.

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