Back pain – the 55p ‘natural painkiller’ spice that could relieve lower back pain

Back pain is a common condition that usually improves by itself within a few weeks or months, according to the NHS .

It could be caused by sleeping in the wrong position, having poor posture, or even by a minor injury.

But making some small dietary changes could help to prevent lower back pain from getting worse.

Eating more turmeric could help to temporarily relieve back pain , it’s been claimed. Back pain – the 35p ‘superfood’ vegetable for lower backache

Back pain – the salty snack you should AVOID or risk lower backache

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory effects that could help to get rid of back pain, according to medical website CureJoy.

Its active ingredient, curcumin, is an antioxidant that reduces swelling in the body, it added.

Inflammation is one of the key causes of back pain, and adding more of the spice to your diet could reduce pain, it said.

“In most cases, the daily grind is responsible for your aching back – repeated activities that involve carrying or lifting things or even sitting in front of a computer without a break can cause muscle tightness and tension that leads to a backache,” it said.

“In some cases, back pain is the result of a medical condition such as a slipped disc or sciatica.

“These usually mean additional symptoms like numbness, a tingling sensation, or weakness.

“Curcumin, an antioxidant present in turmeric, has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with pain relief.

“Leverage its anti-inflammatory goodness by adding this spice to your everyday cooking, adding about a tablespoon to your soups, stews, or curries.”

Turmeric extract is available as a powder, or in capsules, the medical website added.

Drinking turmeric tea is one of the best ways to top up on turmeric and curcumin, it said.

But, speak to a doctor before increasing the amount of turmeric in your diet, because it may not be suitable for patients taking some medications. Back pain – the drink you should ‘AVOID at all costs’

Back pain – the 7p vegetable to your dinner to prevent lower backache

Tue, October 4, 2016 Try these 6 physiotherapist-approved exercises to prevent a painful back pain.

Try these 6 Simple exercises to prevent painful back pain Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain in the UK, said the NHS.

The condition should usually get better by itself within a few weeks or months.

For short-term relief from backache, patients could try using painkillers, it said.

Speak to a GP if you have back pain and a numbness around the genitals.

A swelling in the back, difficulty passing urine, or chest pain should also been seen by a doctor if it’s accompanied by back pain.

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