Author: George Gaskins

Spinal services GIRFT report – important recommendations for improvement

The GIRFT initiative is a programme funded by the Department of Health that is jointly overseen by NHS Improvement and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust. GIRFT’s purpose is to improve the quality of care provided by the NHS. It does so by preparing reports which make recommendations to reduce “unwarranted variations”. GIRFT’s latest report […]

Clinic treats chronic pain without using opioids

Dr. Michael Riley explains the principles of CoreCare, a drug free approach to treating pain conditions. [PROVIDED] Opioid abuse often starts with pain medication prescribed for a legitimate pain condition, but an Oklahoma City clinic avoids that potential cycle of abuse by treating chronic pain without drugs or surgery. “We treat underlying medical issues to […]

Pregnant Jessica Simpson battles bronchitis, hospitalized for fourth time in two months

Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her third child. Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy has been filled with aches and pains and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. The mom of two shared that she had been hospitalized for a week while battling bronchitis. It was her fourth hospital visit in two months. The singer posted […]